Jet Ski: Fast & Furious Jet Ski — Things To Do in Tenerife 2017

Start an amazing 1- or 2-hours-jet ski safari in Tenerife from Las Galletas! Ride the jet ski to Los Christianos, Montaña Roja, La Caleta or El Médano an back - the perfect opportunity to combine watersports and sightseeing!

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    • Duration: 1 h
    • Included: Drinks, Equipment, Snorkeling, Dolphins, Driver
    • Languages: English, Spanish
    The one hour Discover Tenerife Jetski Safari is guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

    After a brief introductory talk at the quayside in Harbour, you’ll put on your life jacket and wetsuit and set out on your one hour Tenerife jetski safari. Following your instructor, you’ll be passing some of the awe inspiring in South Coast Tenerife.

    Your Instructor will lead you a couple of miles out to sea, and its time to test yourself and your Seadoo 900 GTI to the limits! Your adrenalin will soar as you try some freestyle jetskiing and jump from waves and speed through the ocean.

    All too soon, it is time to return to the harbour. You may see some flying fish on the way back, a species indigenous to the natural park.
    • Duration: 2 h
    • Included: Drinks, Equipment, Snorkeling, Dolphins, Driver
    • Languages: English, Spanish
    The Explore Jet Ski Safari Tenerife Highlights

    • Las Galletas
    • Los Cristianos
    • La Caleta Beach
    • Snorkeling
    • Freestyle session
    • Seadoo 900 GTI jetski
    • Free bus pickup from your hotel

Description for «fast & furious jet ski» — things to do in tenerife 2017:

LocationPaseo Espigon las Galletas, 1, 38631 Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Arona, Spain
  • Drinks
  • Equipment
  • Snorkeling
  • Dolphins
  • Driver
HoursFrom 10:00 To 18:00
  • English
  • Spanish
Discover Tenerife by jet skiRiding a jet ski is a special experience for every holidaymaker from 16 years (with parental consent). Drive with high speed over the Canarian sea, either alone or as a pair on one jetski, and let the tour guide show you the gorgeous parts of Tenerife's coast. Before starting the jet ski safari, you of course will get an extensive introduction in handling the jet ski. A boating licence is not necessary.

At both jet ski safaris in Tenerife, stops are planned for swimming, snorkelling and taking pictures. The transfer from / to your accommodation in the south (from Los Gigantes to Los Cristianos), water, hot showers, lockers, wetsuits, lifejackets and liability insurance are included in all jet ski safaris.

Leap onto the Seadoo jet skis and let's go - you can choose between two options:
  • You may see some flying fish on the way back, a species indigenous to the natural park.
  • Checkout the Tenerife Jetski Discover Safari Highlights
  • Las Galletas
  • Snorkeling
  • Freestyle session
  • JETSKI: Seadoo 900 GTI
  • Free bus pickup from your hotel

50 reviews about «fast & furious jet ski»

3 based on 50 reviews

  • sean736

  • September 5, 2017

    Absolutely awful service

    My family and I booked the fast and angry 2-hour safari jet ski trip. We had booked 3 double rooms. We were however more than half an hour late. Just as we left, my daughters broke down and they had to come to another. It turned out that we completely spoiled 2 one-hour safaris because of the way another party had booked, for those who wanted the adventure on the coast of Tenerife.
    This was not the fault of customers, but the company should not mix 1 hour and 2 hours of safari at the same time. On the second of our one-hour safaris (which was actually only a large circle outside the harbor) a couple can go off the jet ski. After rescuing a person, they then went to get the driving jet ski, and let the other person drive for almost 10 minutes. The jet ski had collapsed. Shortly thereafter the support boat collapsed for a certain time. While I waited for the second time to go out, I heard a few guys on the loader lamp that they did not want to be treated like that and wanted a refund.
    I fully understand their position. I do not like to give bad reviews, but the company tried to persuade me from one person to another rather than listen to my complaints. I needed about 30 minutes to find a solution.

  • Neil H

  • September 3, 2017

    Absolutely rubbish

    In advance booked for me and my son was picked up from the start late. When we got there, people were already thinking about the jet skis for how long they paid for two hours. That's what we paid for, everything looked a little unsafe from the start. The skis are located in the corner of the marina next to the large wall and a very large chain from which a girl has almost pulled them back. The skis were in a bad condition, all fronts were torn by people who hit the wall. At this point, I decided, after hearing all the arguments that I wanted to get my money back.

  • GazAboutTown

  • August 27, 2017

    Jet skis are awesome..these guys are not!

    First the bad (there is more of it): Transport - the minibus was hardly trafficable and also the driver was not. He seemed to have forgotten that he had passengers both there and back and it was overdated so we had to wait 20 minutes while he apparently saw his phone a taxi out of the air before the family who could not fit, they are sorted by themselves.
    The driver used his phone, checked cards, paperwork, and drank while driving dangerously fast. Arrival - I was never so ignored during a trip. We came and no one said hello. We had to hitch around to guess what was going on before someone shouted out of the marina that we had to wait for the jet skis to come back in. What was the purpose of booking a time? When it was in our time, there was a very brief introduction about starting and stopping, but no water safety or what to do when you fall down, etc. Safari - This should not be advertised as Safari. We drove out about 20 minutes and spent 10 minutes in the circle around the escort boat and then rode back. As a jet ski experience, it was great as the waves were a bit rough to give some nerve kink but there was no training to make the most of it and you had to stay behind the boat so long that you did not get the best from it.
    Jet ski - jet skis sell themselves and I would recommend to anyone who is worth the money. I would not use these guys, but the experience gets sour. Photos - I understand his business, but digital photos and a CD are not worth £ 20. A number of prizes for a single email photo or 2 or maybe a digital connection at £ 5 or even £ 10 may have been tasty but £ 20 after a shabby exepericne with these guys was not.
    Overall they are on a money spinner so this does not make a difference and I am sure what affected their customer service but I was appalled at their lack of friendliness and support for the people who gave money for a positive vacation experience.

  • Sarah A

  • August 26, 2017

    Worst experience ever

    What a terrible company! !!! ! My husband and I decided to try jet skiing for the first time on Tenerife. We were told the trip we were selling was suitable for beginners. .. it was not! Absolutely no safety instructions and very little instruction! Immediately into deep water without exercises or instructions! The lead boat was soon out of sight and definitely out of earshot. I had a panic attack because we were completely alone and had no idea how to signal to the boat that we could not keep up with the pace without having experience with jet skis!
    Fortunately, an experienced comrade-in-law heard me scream and took the boat. Incredibly unfriendly staff, which made me funny and insulted me, because I was afraid. We demanded to be brought back to the dock, where other customers also ended their trip because of missing signing. We took a taxi back to our hotel. Worst experience of my life.

  • PCliveR

  • August 7, 2017

    Great way to spend a few hours.

    We were picked up promptly in our hotel and brought without delay to the nearby harbor - less than a quarter hour drive. We were on the way to life jackets. We went to see the dolphins close up, had time to snorkel and swim and were returned safely to the hotel after three hours of fun.

  • Spreview345

  • July 12, 2017

    Brilliant experience

    The jet ski experience itself was amazing, the jet skis were new as promised and had real power. Unfortunately we were not prepared for the long and uncomfortable trip in a minibus to the port, where we wanted to break with the jet ski. The minibus was very warm and the driver was constantly angry at something and spent the first 15 minutes with the mobile phone home. However, this did not affect the actual jet ski experience that we would recommend and was affordable. We shared a double with one of us who rode it to the stop and one of us drove back.

  • Martasoo

  • July 10, 2017

    Fast and Furious? Not Fast for us, but left us Furious enough

    We booked 2 hours safari over the internet and got a confirmation by e-mail about the pick-up at 9: 30 am in front of the hotel. We have not seen anyone and tried to call about 15 minutes later and we were told no one is coming as this is 2 minutes from the hotel. In reality it was about 3pm and when we arrived we were told we should wait 5 minutes, half an hour later when we asked again that we were told again 5 minutes.
    This was right and we started at 10: 35. The tour was not really fast but we were angry enough as the performance on the jet was not what we expected and experienced two years ago with different companies.

  • Hannah T

  • June 27, 2017

    Amazing Experience - Not for the faint hearted!

    We have the Fast Furious Jet Ski experience at the beginning of our holiday, and it's something my partner had never experienced, so we were both very excited!
    We did the 2h safari tour. First of all, there was a small problem with our pickup / the time we had booked online since no one showed up. It looks as if we would find someone (who can not speak English very well), so our receptionist had to translate for us in our hotel. We were booked on a later tour, so we managed to make this experience, but that was a bit uncomfortable, as you can imagine. We have however compensated 20 euros, which was very appreciated! When we arrived, we had to wait until other guests were dropped. The jetski safari was delayed by 30 minutes, but one of the staff kept us up to date and told us that we would get a full two hours on the jet ski - what we did!
    There were 8 of us altogether, so 4 jetski was nice as the group was not too big. Being on the jet was fun and gave you an adrenaline rush! We had never experienced anything like this and we had such a good time - a memory that we will keep forever! !!! We also got some great photos, it was 20 euros for the full disc, which is definitely worth it, since they all had really good quality. We spent a snorkel break in a nice area next to a cave and snorkel provided. We did not see any turtles / dolphins. But only to be warned, I would recommend this experience to people who love adrenaline like us! When we did the jet ski safari, the sea was quite restless. They drove quite often in the air and had to move very fast with the safety boat. Luckily we enjoyed going as fast as possible, so that was fine for us! But there were a few on a jet that were not so confident, so they were pretty back in some places - and the speedboat did not seem to slow down for them.
    Also - I would recommend doing this experience towards the end of your vacation. We had no idea how the jet skiing was on your body! We ate the next two days. Not sure if this was the case only because the waves were chopped off while we were doing this or if that was something that always happens when you ski for so long.
    But it was really a great experience.

  • Anu J

  • June 13, 2017

    Absolutly awful experience !!! avoid at all cost

    I booked jet skis and parasailing with a sister company 3-4 months in advance and was initially impressed with the quick responses to my emails and inquiries.
    I was in contact with someone named GEORGE by Fast Furious Jet Ski and he even gave me his number to get in touch that day when something went wrong (THANKS GOD FOR THIS! !) after his Reiseroute was at 11. 30 clock and the day should be terminated at 14. 00 (after Jet Ski and Parascending).
    Instead, we were stranded in front of our apartment until 12 o'clock, when I decided to call 'GEORGE', who answered and frankly sounded as if he had forgotten our group.
    But he said he was sending a taxi and it was supposed to come to us in 40 minutes. We were picked up at 12. 45 pm and brought to Parascending to Puerto Colon, where we were to be paid for both activities (80 euros for 6 people each) and when we asked for a receipt - he handed me a leaflet of the company and said: white.
    . . we know. .. no need for the reception ". ... He spoke to his" BOSS "and offered us an extra hour on the jet ski for the inconvenience they caused us We had a great time, and the team with whom we were together was nice (this was another company).
    We drove by taxi to Las Galletas to jet ski. the personal (Fast & Furious Jet Ski) that we received at Las Galletas was unaware - did not know how late we were traveling with the jet ski or when we were done.
    We waited 45 minutes before another man spoke to us that he was at the company and did not know that we had already paid for both activities and had waited 45 minutes and already paid for the photo.
    He called his "BOSS", which made everything clear to him, and finally we could ski the jet. she also offered transfer back to the hotel and the driver (the same guy who did not know what was going on) was hilarious - he asked one of us to get a university degree because she had problems opening the sliding window in the van was clogged! !
    and in the end he proved that he was an idiot because he could not open it himself. We are ready at 7pm the whole day was a waste of time. the actual activities were good, but the management was poor. ... terrible. ...

  • anghelinaalina

  • June 10, 2017

    Amazing experience

    Was the most incredible experience ever. I recommend this company. .. almost 3 hours with the sky jets is more than enough. ..

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Paseo Espigon las Galletas, 1, 38631 Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Arona, Spain

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