Descents: Teide Downhill Bike Tour — Things To Do in Tenerife 2017

We go up to Mount Teide in a bus and come down to the shore on bikes without pedaling - 22 miles at surfaced roads making stops for photos, meal and drinks. A very relaxed tour showing you hidden parts of Tenerife.

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    • Duration: 5 h
    • Included: Drinks, Food, Equipment, Transfer
    • Languages: English, Italian, Spanish
    We go up to Mount Teide in a bus and come down to the shore on bikes without pedaling - 35 miles at surfaced roads making stops for photos, meal and drinks (included).

    A very relaxed tour showing you hidden parts of Tenerife.

Description for «teide downhill bike tour» — things to do in tenerife 2017:

Location38660 Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
  • Drinks
  • Food
  • Equipment
  • Transfer
HoursFrom 10:00 To 18:00
  • Children (6 —11) from 35€
  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
In summer: Please wear suitable clothing. T-shirts and shorts are fine, but beach wear is not acceptable.
Sports shoes/trainers are recommended. Sandals, flip-flops and high heels are prohibited. Due to the altitude and powerful UV rays we recommend applying a high SPF sunscreen before the tour. A cap is also advisable for use during stops, when most people take off their helmet. Don’t forget your sunglasses!

In winter: Warm clothing is a must. It may be warm by the coast, but in the mountains it can get very cold. Sports shoes/trainers are required, don’t forget your socks!
In Tenerife, from the highest volcano to the Seaside, on a Bike and without pedaling.

The joy of the downhill biking and the beauty of the real hidden Tenerife. 22 miles touring down surfaced roads, without pedaling, in a group with a Guide and a support vehicle, at a very relaxed speed and stopping briefly to take pictures, have a drink or sample the local tapas. Since 1999, we´ve shown you the real Tenerife and we do it the nicest way: on a bicycle!. From the National Park of Mount Teide to the seaside, crossing volcanoes, forests, villages and wastelands, with beautiful views, and all of it downhill. Come with us to spend the most special day of your holidays, call us and well take care of everything from picking you up to dropping you off.

When booking we will agree to a pick up point that is convenient for you and a certain time when we will collect you, generally just outside your Hotel or Apt. with a minibus.

We will then drive up to the starting point, which is very close to the base of Mount Teide, and if you have not yet seen the National Park, we will drive a little bit further ( its only a couple miles away) so that you do not miss it! Driving up to the starting point, which is 7,200 fl high, will take aprox. one and a half hours.

Once at the starting point, we will give you some printed instructions, in your language, about safety rules and the signals we will use during the trip. We will also fit you with helmet, gloves and a high visibility vest, complemented, in winter, with windbreaker jacket and / or leggings. Also with a bicycle your size, of course!

If you carry bags, rucksacks, bottles or other objects, you can, if you wish, for your comfort leave them in the support vehicle, which is always just behind the group.

We will travel at a moderate speed, keeping our group together, and we will make several stops ( every 3 miles or so) to take photos, have a drink ( hot or cold, depending on the season) or enjoy a picnic with cheese, olives, bread, water or wine in winter or, in summer, sangria and fresh fruits of the season. ALL included in the price.

While we are riding our bikes we will cross volcanic landscapes, thick pine forests, small villages where grapes and potatoes are still grown, other, almost desertic areas, and sll sorts of roads, always surfaced, till our arrival to the seaside, after some 20 or 22 miles, depending on the day. The trip down takes approximately two and a half hours. Once arrived, we will celebrate the completion of the trip with a toast of Spanish Cava and then we will drive you back to your Hotel.

50 reviews about «teide downhill bike tour»

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  • Elreevo

  • October 19, 2017

    Do this!

    Just to repeat Brian's review, my husband and I (Jacqui n Mick) enjoyed a wonderful day with the fantastic Mauricio on the Teide. We mail him a few days before and he took us to our hotel at 10 o'clock to the point. We picked up Brian from Glasgow and off we went to the mountains. Mauricio was full of local knowledge and we made a coffee in a quirky little cafe. Mauricio is great when it comes to showing all the interesting rock and volcanic information, usually much more of my fool thing than mine, but I loved it (true feeling to experience the stuff you never do on an average beach holiday), Then we went to the bikes and immediately knew we were really safe (I was concerned about the slowdown of the guys, but apparently I went too fast! ) Beautiful tapas lunch and stop on a banana plantation.
    Great day, nice company and highly recommended.

  • Brian h

  • October 15, 2017

    Don't go to Tenerife without a Rafting bike excursion

    Once I saw that this had advertised and read previous reviews, I knew I had to book it. E-mail and in a few minutes Mauricio confirmed the price and I was booked for the trip. On the day there was only me and a couple from Sunderland Jackie and Mike). In my late fifties and probably they were about the same age and did not have to worry about fitness, because it really does not involve kicking. Safety has priority and, along with helmet, gloves and jacket from Mauricio a walkie-talkie that takes you around your neck. Mauricio provides a constant flow of information on the way up into the mini bus to the history of Tenerife and Mount Teide National Park, The cycle down to the coast was fantastic with several stops where Mauricio offered lectures on the volcanoes and we had a great tapas lunch.

  • matthias j

  • October 14, 2017

    Excellent tour.

    Excellent tour with a first class guideclosed a very good tapas from a local bar. Great experience.

  • Tomatogrower

  • October 14, 2017

    Great tour

    Our guide, Mauricio, made this trip an unforgettable experience. We arrived all the way from Iceland with volcanic knowledge, but he did the whole trip with lots of knowledge, experience and fun.

  • Carole R

  • October 14, 2017


    An excellent and informative insight into the local life in Tenerife. Guide was a source of interesting knowledge and did everything to make the trip as instructive as possible. Security was important throughout the day. Cycling was very easy, you do not have to be Chris Froome as long as you can work brakes.

  • Phil H

  • September 11, 2017

    Great Day out

    Great day trip. Very nice bike ride from Mount Teide to the coast. Beautiful tapas lunch.

  • AJ S

  • August 29, 2017

    Highlight of our holiday

    From start to finish just an incredibly fun day. This is a proper personal tour with an experienced guide in the form of Mauricio and his assistant Jan. There were four of us and just another biker who was perfect. We were promptly picked up outside our apartments and drove in a minibus with the bikes in the back 7, 000 feet high in the mountains. We made a nice coffee on the way in a typical Spanish village and made our way to Teide in the national park, which was perfect for photos. Throughout the time, Mauricio explains the volcanoes and geology of the place, which was fascinating. Then the fun is by bike. Literally free for 18 miles. Mauricio is hot on safety and he gave out bibs, helmets and gloves and followed the minibus, while Jan led the front of the ride in a safe but intoxicating speed.
    Brilliant. On the descent we also stopped to explore the interior of a volcano and for tapas in another small village we loved. This was also included in the 50 euros per person cost of the day. The trip ends in a small coastal town before returning to the minibus to be dropped into the apartment.

  • Ged G

  • August 27, 2017

    Excellent day out.

    This is an excellent day and should be considered when you visit Tenerife. We were picked up at 10am in our apartment and drove to the Teide National Park with a stop on the way up. Mauricio was an excellent guide and knew everything about the area and how it was made. The tour through the park before cycling was worth the money. Cycling from Teide is truly breathtaking. You will see the landscape like never before and visit things a little off the road that you would never know. The cycling itself is so easy and you rarely drive on a level road that has just dived again. A stop for tapas lunch halfway is included with quality food.

  • PAUL H

  • August 17, 2017

    Great day out

    Our family consists of me, my wife, two teenagers and a 9 year old. Mauricio supplied bicycles and equipment to easily accommodate our various sizes. The ride to where we actually went downhill took about an hour. This included the rise of Los Americas, which offered fantastic views at the height, an intermediate stop for a drink and then the possibility to make some tourist photos of Mount Teide.
    Cycling is almost all downhill. Only some very very short sections, in which you have to turn a pedal, but nothing strenuous. A stop in a cave on the descent and a break for a tapas style in a small village was a bonus. The tapas were simple, but incredibly delicious and rustic - I wish we could have taken home the local Mojo sauce! The whole day lasted 6 hours and was effortless. Mauricio is an encyclopedia in Tenerife which answers every question we gave him. He made the day safe and comfortable. Highly recommended.

  • Doconconference

  • August 16, 2017

    What a brilliant day out!!

    We have been to Tenerife several times, but this must be one of the best experiences we have ever had. Mauricio, who performs the journey, and his colleague Juan are nice, informative, easygoing and very good company. The excursion itself is a fantastic opportunity to see the National Park of Mont Teide (with excellent comments and geological knowledge of Mauricio), followed by an intoxicating 32 km of free-climbing from the top of the mountain to the coastal town of Al Cala.
    Beautiful! !! We were looking for a great coffee and definitely the best tapas lunch (inclusive).

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38660 Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

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